5 ways to jazz up your rental

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3 min readOct 26, 2020

We provide some tips to help eradicate that sense of dread those faded curtains, vomit-coloured carpets and bare wall space give you.

Make your rental great again with these tips from us at The Noiseletter…

  • Swap the curtains

Surely we’ve all been there: the moment you realise the curtains in your newly inhabited flat look like a faded Van Gogh knock-off.

Changing an unsightly pair of curtains will instantly remove any excessive dreariness left by previous tenants from decades gone by and, more importantly, change the character of your room immediately.

If you have blinds as well as curtains, get rid of the latter completely for a cleaner, more minimalist look.

2. Add rugs to brighten up your existing carpet

Nine times out of ten you inherit the carpet in your rental with no option of changing it, which is made a lot worse if you can’t stand the colour of the existing spread.

And if you’re struggling desperately to get along with yours then we recommend buying a rug (or three) to cover that monstrosity. The bigger the better in our opinion.

3. Hang up some framed art prints

Ok. We know what you’re thinking. ‘How can I hang up a framed print without losing some of my deposit because I’ve nailed stuff into the wall?’

The answer: Command Strips.

This brand have created a liberating solution to hang up just about anything in your flat — mark-free when you take them down, too. We cannot recommend using these enough when you’re deciding where to hoist up your Matisse print you’ve just bought from the Tate.

4. Hanging terrariums

We all know plants are proven to add a bit of zen to your room. But have you thought about hanging some terrariums from the ceiling?

These cute and classy fixtures promises to bring even more zen and personality to your flat, and, in our eyes, really are a game changer.

5. Upgrade your bed sheets

We now move into the bedroom. If you’re unfortunate to have landed the smallest room in your rental it’s time to divert the attention away from your 4 x 4m living space, and instead to your bed.

Try looking for a bed sheet design which complements the colours of your room or find a style that makes your bed become the centre-piece. Throw in some cushions too, while you’re at it.



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