Issue №20 | 19 August 2019 | ‘Vogue

Issue №20 | 19 August 2019 | ‘Vogue

This issue has a simple function for both of us — for Freya, it’s a chance to live out her childhood dream of writing fashion features for Vogue, while also giving Alex the opportunity to justify another ream of extravagant purchases. All in the name of fashun, darlin’.

Think you don’t care about the difference between an A-line and a shift dress? Never fear, we’ve got something for everyone. Alex and Freya

What Alex has been up to this week: Sang with London Contemporary Voices at a festival paying tribute to Brian Jones, one of the original members of the Rolling Stones #rockandroll.

What Freya has been up to this week: Got right amongst the food scene in Bristol. As usual, volunteered at food waste charity FareShare SouthWest’s warehouse, and then tried out the new Bristol Italian restaurant Marmo.


A book…

Inside Vogue: A Diary of Vogue’s 100th Year by Alexandra Shulman

Magazine editors keep the most fascinating diaries. When the Sunday Times Magazine finally stop playing so hard to get and offer me its editorship, you lot will have first dibs on my memoirs.

Alexandra Shulman was at the helm of British Vogue for 25 years, and this diary charts her final year at the magazine — its centenary year. Juicy details, revelations and insights, penned by one of the most well-respected but controversial figures in the fashion industry. Freya

An article…

The story of The Dress: how a £40 Zara frock stole the summer by Sirin Kale for The Guardian

Firstly, when did the term ‘frock’ come back into common parlance? We’re seeing it everywhere, and frankly, it doesn’t sit well with us. Anyway, if you’ve been scrolling Instagram or even just been outside acknowledging the existence of other humans, you’ll have noticed that every man, woman, child and canine is wearing this dress.

In this terrific piece for The Guardian, Sirin Kale explores what it is about this dress that has caught the public’s attention, and why women wearing it seem totally unperplexed by being seen in it at the same time as others — something usually seen as a fashion faux pas. Freya


Our favourite ethically sustainable brands…

Durable, hard-wearing fashion, with a rugged aesthetic sitting somewhere between a gallery curator and a pig farmer.

Vegan, ethically sourced and sustainably bottled in deliciously minimal fashion. Aesop (and genetics) are solely responsible for our smooth baby-faces.

Found Hea
Bristol-based ethical clothing brand, based in the independent retail haven that is Wapping Wharf. Simple, classic pieces that won’t break the bank.

Swedish Hasbeens
Everyone needs a pair of sustainable clogs, amirite? Made with ecologically prepared natural grain leather in the old traditional way, it’s a yes from us.

Flamingos’ Life
A compelling, environmentally-friendly mission statement, together with trendy, ethically-sourced trainers for a feel-good look. Go on, save the planet.


A podcast…

Beauty Full Lives with Madeleine Spencer

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. It’s an awful title. OK, done. Now we can come onto the fact that this is a superb podcast, in which guests are interviewed on their relationships with beauty and make-up.

They discuss their lives, often through the lens of the beauty products they have used over the years, which is a surprisingly effective vehicle for discussion. It’s not all froth and fun either — sometimes naming your mother’s favourite Chanel lipstick can reveal much more than you’d imagine. Freya


Our favourite festival outfits from Summer 2019 so far…

From Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig (pictured) to Russian techno heavy-weight Nina Kraviz, plus many more, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite looks from Summer 2019. You probably can’t afford most of them. We definitely can’t. Alex

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Freya stopped a woman in the street and asked her about this Kate Sheridan coat. You’ll see why.

It’s gorgeous. It’s great. He’s (nearly) Apple-free. Alex bought a Google Pixel 3 XL.

Odds and Ends

Some tweets really deserve to go viral, and we’re proud to bring you one such example.

This is genuinely the funniest thing we’ve seen in months. The shampoo rage is strong.



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