Issue №23 | 30 September 2019 | ‘Our House’

Issue №23 | 30 September 2019 | ‘Our House’

As a couple of serial long-distancers, we’ve never had the privilege (or burden) of living together. But that’s never stopped us lusting after furniture we’d put in our imaginary house, mugs we’d drink our imaginary coffees out of, and books we’d fill our imaginary shelves with.

Our holier-than-art plans will inevitably go straight out the window when we have a massive fallout over whether the hi-fi or the bookshelves take precedence.

Until then, we’ll continue to visit the Conran Shop every weekend for the rest of time. So, this issue, we’re talking all things interiors. Alex and Freya

What Freya has been up to this week: Started a dressmaking course at Bristol Folk House and watched every episode of the superb BBC miniseries State of the Union with Rosamund Pike and Chris O’Dowd. Twice.

What Alex has been up to this week: Recovering from a trip to Munich, which hosts the beer event to end all beer events: Oktoberfest.


Amy Brandhorst, interior designer

Having studied together at Leeds University, we’d always been on the same trajectory as Amy Brandhorst. But, since graduating, she’s moved to Berlin and has forged a career in something far from the worlds most English Literature graduates work in.

Now, she’s a Berlin-based interior designer, working with international clients as a freelance designer and is one half of Topology, an award-winning interiors blog and online design service. Intrigued to see how she got there? So were we… Freya and Alex

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An album…

Nils Frahm — All Melody

We’re staying in the German capital for this issue’s album recommendation, which was recorded in a 1950s-era recording studio in the former East Berlin.

For neo-classical composer Nils Frahm, this was an opportunity to take advantage of the readily available acoustics of the building to help construct the overall sound of this particular work.

The end result? A wonderfully captivating sense of space that resonates throughout the album’s meticulously intertwined and precise electronic and acoustic sounds. Music really doesn’t sound better than this… Alex

Standout tracks: Sunson, My Friend the Forest, #2


An article…

Writer AA Gill’s London flat by Dinah Hall for House & Garden

The late writer AA Gill is one of life’s greatest gifts. Not only was he one of the finest critics to have ever graced the pages of the Sunday Times, his interior style really was something to behold. He bought the flat after his divorce from Amber Rudd, and it’s a bachelor pad we’d all go through a pricy divorce for.

Vibrant colours, Edwardian fireplaces, Chairman Mao cushions and a portrait of Stalin. True British eccentricity at its best. His flagrant use of furs, taxidermy and cased beetles may distress vegetarians, but you can’t deny it really is quite the visual feast.

Also worth checking out: Terence Conran’s first home, Sophie Ashby’s flat in former BBC building and journalist Pandora Sykes’s home. Freya

A podcast…

The House Guest Podcast

Country and Townhouse Magazine’s podcast features interviews with the great and the good from the interiors industry. They’re the faces behind some of the houses and hotels you’ll see in the pages of magazines and weep yourself to sleep looking at, knowing you’ll be in a crappy rental forever.

They discuss their own homes and personal design choices, as well as how they got to where they are in the industry. It’s an excellent listen for any nosy parkers like us.

Recommended episodes: Farrow & Ball’s colour curator, Joa Studholme, and journalist Pandora Sykes (again, soz. She has great interior style). Freya


5 ways to jazz up your rental…

Look, I’m not going to say that I’m the next David Linley or Marie Kondo, but over the past few years I’ve slowly found ways to eradicate the sense of dread the hideous royal blue carpet, faded curtains and bare wall space give me every time I walk into my flat.

So, Dear Reader, I present to you my tips on how to make your rental look more than presentable, without having to worry about your precious deposit or your wallet… Alex

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An apothecary drawer unit you’d sell a lung for.

Iconic shape. Sleek velvet. Dark wood. Come to mummy.

Don’t check the price tag and this mirror might answer all your prayers.

Painter Lola Donoghue is one of our favourites. Obviously, an original would be preferable, but we’ll take a print if forced.

Odds and Ends

Stay fresh, cheese bags.

Whoever put hip-hop beats to auctioneers speaking is an absolute genius.



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