Issue №25 | 28 October 2019 | ‘Birthday Cake’

Issue №25 | 28 October 2019 | ‘Birthday Cake’

This issue marks a full year since we got our smallish peaheads together in a cafe in Bristol and birthed the very first Noiseletter. And here we are, still sliding into your inboxes like a Love Island contestant after a guest appearance at Oceana, delivering you the shithot content you deserve.

So today, we’re hosting a party like no other. Get your spanks on (don’t worry, it’s a feminist act), grab the nearest sugary beverage and come in and join us. Alex and Freya

What Freya has been up to this week: Started reading Condé Nast Chairman Nicholas Coleridge’s memoir and visited the RDS Visual Art Awards in Dublin. The installations were vast and impressive and helped ease a serious Guinness-induced hangover.

What Alex has been up to this week: After numerous job interviews, saw Durand Jones & The Indications at their London show. They were utterly brilliant.


Your top 5 articles round-up

With a year under our belts, we thought it might be nice to look back at some of the most clicked pieces of content we’re shared. Yes, #Capitalism was consistently high in our findings, you money-lovin’ bitches.

1. Article: The Sheer Genius of Greggs’ Marketing Strategy
Evidently, you folks either love reading about pastries, being marketed pastries, or just love pastries.

2. #Capitalism: Sézane Summer Dress
We got you going with this chic spotty dress from Parisian clothing brand Sézane. Well done, chaps. We knew you were a sophisticated bunch.

3. Ezra Koenig’s Glastonbury outfit
Yes. Alex nearly spent over £500 on this outfit. Worn by the Vampire Weekend lead singer — you couldn’t resist seeing what it was.

4. Article: How a £40 Zara outfit stole summer, The Guardian
Another clothes-related piece of content. We’re starting to see a theme here.

5. Article: 5 ways to jazz up your rental
It’s nice to know our own tips (hopefully) come in handy to you. Freya and Alex


An album…

Mr Bungle — California

For this issue’s album selection we’re celebrating the 20-year anniversary of possibly one of the most underrated albums of the last century.

Coincidentally reforming to play some live shows next year, Mr Bungle are an American experimental rock band whose music seemingly leaves no genre unexplored in its sound.

You’ll hear shades of klezmer, surf rock, and even Crash Bandicoot-esque vibes, underpinned by the group’s wild, yet refined sonic signature — with plenty of distorted guitars to boot.

Stick around for the final track for a musical experience like no other. Alex

A podcast…

Birth Stories with Clemmie Hooper

A year ago we birthed this beautiful e-thing, so we’re turning to a podcast also celebrating the joys and terrors of birth. Midwife and mother-of-four Clemmie Hooper chats to guests including Annie Mac and Nadiya Hussain about the unique ways they had their babies. It crushed a number of my preconceptions about what birth involves. Giving birth is utterly democratic and it really is true that no-one is too posh to push.

You don’t have to be remotely interested in little brats to enjoy Birth Stories. It’s just an incredible insight into the wonders of the human body, and how everyone has a story to tell about this profoundly moving stage in life. Freya


A book…

I’ll Be There For You: The One about Friends by Kelsey Miller

As well as the Noiseletter, there’s another cult hit loved across the globe celebrating a pretty significant anniversary. Friends first hit screens 25 years ago, so we’re now being bombarded with #content. This book is an almost encyclopaedic guide to the Friends phenomenon. It’s a fascinating portrayal of how it came to be and the seismic effect it had on popular culture. It puts the show’s problematic elements in context of the time and examines how it might just have been the most revolutionary TV show ever made.

After all, with the rise of Netflix, aren’t we all watching more Friends than we ever did in the 90s? I’d highly recommend this book as the perfect blend of stimulating fluff. Freya


An exhibition…

Still Undead: Popular Culture in Britain Beyond the Bauhaus at the Nottingham Contemporary

This year, we celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus — the school that shaped modern design forever, and had a marked impact on all of popular culture. Still Undead explores this impact, with particularly groovy examples of its footprint on the worlds of fashion, youth culture and music.

It’s worth noting that some exhibitions from Nottingham Contemporary have been known to tour other UK galleries, so if you’ve got no plans to head up to the greatest city in all the land (you fool) you might be able to catch it anyway. Alex and Freya


Freya has found her perfect party dress. She thinks about its chiffon pleats most days, tbh.

Alex is eyeing up his next black t shirt. Having felt it in the shop, he can confirm it’s excellent quality for £30.

Odds and Ends

There was an attempt to throw meat on the ground.

Journalist Flora Gill (daughter of AA Gill and Amber Rudd) posted this tweet this week, and Freya’s not stopped thinking about Amber Rudd’s response.




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The Noiseletter

The Noiseletter

A fortnightly newsletter devoted to sourcing the best cultural content in a world of white noise.

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