Noisemaker: Mike Gyi, co-founder of Mixmotel

A rave in a bank? A gig in a bakery? A club night in a cinema?

We sit down with Mike Gyi, co-founder of Mixmotel to talk about his experiential music night built on a sense of community, a love of unique venues, and, of course, great music.

Dalston, east London. Friday night. While most people were heading to the nearest hipster-filled joint for a pint of pretentious (but probably delicious) craft ale, we strolled up to Fanny’s, an unsuspecting kebab shop at the upper end of Stoke Newington High Street to begin our night.


Getting the beats rolling

‘It’s all about the music and the space, not the ticket sales.’ — Mike

Community building

Mike has since moved on from the architecture firm and now works as an experience designer in the tech world — and his devotion to this industry seeps into the work of Mixmotel.

A platform for DJs

London is packed with big, branded club nights that are played by the same resident DJs every weekend, and Mike was aware of this when booking DJs for Mixmotel.

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